The Hotel “Sunce” offers wellness program which includes following elements:

  • Indoor pool with the view of the ski resort;
  • Finnish sauna: deep cleanses the skin, relaxes the muscles, accelerates the circulation, and opens your airways.
  • Turkish bath: eliminates fatigue, improves peripheral circulation, relaxes muscles, improves immunity, and helps with sleeping disorders. Turkish bath is a perfect addition to classical sauna. It provides the experience of total revitalization in a manner that was known back in Ancient Rome. Warm and humid atmosphere in a cabin might help with minor medical problems (rheumatism, muscle soreness etc.). We should also not forget about the cosmetic aspect Turkish bath.
  • Hydrodetox, cleansing the body from the inside. One of the ways to achieve this is the detoxification of the body using electrolysis and ionization i.e. Hydodetox device.
  • Colour therapy: relieve your stress and relax with color therapy. Colours have a positive effect on mental as well as physical level. Blue, green, red and yellow. The influence of colours on the spiritual state is made directly over the eyes and on the physical condition through the skin. Colour therapy stimulates nerve endings and strengthens immune system. The exposure to colours in various forms activates body defence mechanism, initiates chemical reactions in body and in addition, brain receptors have energetic and relaxing effect on the nervous system.
  • Tepidarium: hot baths are the ideal place to relax after using sauna, pool or steam bath.
  • Massage: there is also relaxation massage with essential oils, sports massage.